Author: Tabassum Rameez

Parents must protect children from abuse. They must keep a strict check on the activities their children involve in and their company.

Sixteen Universities of Pakistan rank best universities in Asia. Pakistani universities need to work hard to ace the Asia Ranking Lists.

Natural remedies play an important role in the life of an ADHD child. Natural remedies improve focus and learning capabilities in them.

Government had asked the schools to give 20% fee waiver for parents in Islamabad to help them cope up with the current situation.

Schools play a major role in spreading awareness and implementing the habit of healthy eating as it affects the child's performance.

Freelancers upskill themselves to compete in the cut-throat market. Covid-19 has increased the need of online certification courses.

Due to advancement in technology, our life has become a lot easier --not only for us but also for the people with special needs.

The third wave of Coronavirus has hit the country with its deadly variants. People are more concerned about health safety than before.

Parents have always prioritized the physical and mental wellbeing of their children. There are times when they have to make significant shifts in their education

Studying abroad is every student’s dream. Many middle-class families also dream of sending their children to foreign countries for higher education. However, numerous reasons stop them from doing so.