How healthy eating affects child’s performance?

How healthy eating affects child’s performance?

Parents have taught children that eating helps them look physically fit. However, they fail to comprehend the importance of healthy eating on their mental and physical health. A healthy diet enables you to think clearly. It improves the attention span and concentration of a child. Healthy eating affects child’s performance.

On the other hand, an inadequate diet makes your child tired and slows down their performance. If it aggravates, it leads to stress and depression.

One of the biggest concerns of present times is the excessive use of processed food. These foods are high in sugar and flour and make you crave more. A lot of processed food that we consume during our daily meals is detrimental to our health.

These foods affect the functioning of our brains, which in turn affects our performance. To improve our brain’s performance, we need to cut down the portion of processed foods from our lives.

How does healthy eating affect child’s performance?

While eating healthy food is essential for children’s performance, many of the foods available in stores and schools are hindering the child’s ability to learn. Foods loaded with chemicals, sugars, caffeine, and other harmful ingredients leave children exhausted, sick, and unfocused, affecting their academic performance, behavior, and moods.

Healthy food improves brain functionality

Nutrition from different foods helps your brain build new cells and tissues. For proper functioning, our body requires a variety of proteins, carbohydrates, and minerals. Nutritionists suggest consuming a variety of foods to get all the needed nutrients for better functioning. Following are some foods you must add to your child’s daily diet:

  • Complex carbohydrates

Add beets, millet, quinoa, and sweet potatoes to your diet. They are more nutritious as they give you energy and keep your stomach full for a longer time.

  • Lean proteins

Meat, chicken, eggs, fish, nuts, soybeans, and seeds are good sources of protein for your body. They give your body the energy to think and react instantly.

  • Fatty acids

Consuming meat, fish, eggs, flaxseeds, and nuts is essential as it allows the proper functioning of your nervous system.

Improves Immune System

It is essential to boost your immune system. It helps you get rid of bugs like flu and cold. Fruits and vegetables are vital components in children’s diet. They help in making the immune system of a child stronger to fight against germs. According to research, a study analyzed health changes in children from 11 different Latin American countries. The researchers included maximum intake of vegetables and fruits. They observed that those children had reduced risks for rhinoconjunctivitis, which causes congestion, eczema, red eyes, and some common skin conditions. This is why it is important to introduce healthy eating as it affects the performance of your child.

Maintains healthy body weight

Parents often focus on getting to the ideal body weight of their children. This leads to the intake of unhealthy food to reach the target set. Instead of perfect body weight, parents must motivate healthy body weight. Consuming nutritious meals will automatically control the appetite, making it easier for you to maintain your child’s weight.

How can schools promote healthy eating?

Schools have a vital role in cultivating healthy eating habits among children. Healthy eating affects the physical and mental performance of a child.

Guidelines for school to promote healthy eating

Some guidelines for schools to encourage children and parents towards healthy eating are as follows.

  • Establish a school environment to support healthy eating

Schools can quickly cultivate healthy eating habits among children. This is easily applicable from playgrounds to the classroom. They should establish an environment in the school that encourages children to adopt healthy eating. Introducing healthy foods at canteens or promoting parents to send nutritious lunches can be an essential activity that can promote healthy eating.

  • Use a coordinated approach to develop healthy eating

School officials, staff members, and parents must work together to motivate children for healthy eating. They must involve them in activities that require healthy eating habits. They must implement and evaluate children to keep a strict check on their eating habits. This way, they can cultivate healthy eating among children and encourage healthier lifestyles.


Healthy eating affects child’s performance. Healthy eating habits play a vital role in the academic and physical performance of a child. Parents and schools must focus on cultivating these habits among children to promote better lifestyles.