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Even in Pakistan’s most esteemed educational establishments, one frequently discovers settings that irreversibly dull the senses of an individual. Focused on constructing concrete campuses, many don’t have spaces for...

Primary teacher positions in Punjab’s government schools are now 45,000 more than they were a year ago (70,000), which brings the system down to a large vacancy opportunity, but...

Unleash your student's inner genius! This captivating guide unlocks the power of quizzing, revealing proven techniques to boost learning.

Introduction The newest concept of the ongoing era is artificial intelligence, which is swiftly taking over various sectors across the globe and is a major part of revolutionizing and...

The article explains how social and emotional skills interplay within educational settings illuminates their pivotal role in shaping students' overall success.

The PUTA is almost on the brink of boycotting classes as a response to the prolonged non-payment of salaries to the teachers.

the article studies the importance of parental involvement in Pakistani education & how it positively impacts the children's academic success

Meaning of Al Jabbar, according to Wikipedia the word, Jabbar means giant or almighty. Al Jabbar is the highest; He restores all creation.

Where can students turn to for locating field-of-study specific classic textbooks authored by pioneer scholars and for books.

What are some of the ways in which reading books can serve as an efficient tool in aiding students to be prepared for academic rigor?