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Parents must protect children from abuse. They must keep a strict check on the activities their children involve in and their company.

We interviewed a talented lady Zeenat Hussain, a poet and a writer. We are now sharing some of her wonderful stories with you.

Natural remedies play an important role in the life of an ADHD child. Natural remedies improve focus and learning capabilities in them.

Schools play a major role in spreading awareness and implementing the habit of healthy eating as it affects the child's performance.

Parents have always prioritized the physical and mental wellbeing of their children. There are times when they have to make significant shifts in their education

Sports and physical activities are important for the well-being of your child. These activities not only keep your child healthy and active but also encourage learning.

ADHD children often find it difficult to concentrate for a longer period. This attribute often makes their parents anxious.

So are you ready for school, exams, assignments, and the tough winters? Hot chocolate, coffee, and homemade carrot cake.

Trends in the education system are changing rapidly nowadays as parents in the present generation are more informed and educated.

Stressed about your children’s education at home? This lockdown situation left many moms worried about their kids’ education while keeping their heath safe from the virus.