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This article discusses the importance of sex education and why our children need to know the right information.

the article studies the importance of parental involvement in Pakistani education & how it positively impacts the children's academic success

Meaning of Al Jabbar, according to Wikipedia the word, Jabbar means giant or almighty. Al Jabbar is the highest; He restores all creation.

I remember this joke in my class when I was in MBA. Boys would often ask girls that why did we want to pursue a professional degree...

It is hard for the students to choose their subjects in O-Levels and they are faced with dilemmas. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, they are faced.

Pakistan has always been one of those countries that have made poor decisions in the past for their education policies.

A majority of kids use mobile phones as early as by the age of two and most of them use around 2 to 4 hours every day.

There are no words that one can use to explain what happened lately. No matter how many stories I hear and try to understand the situation.

It is very crucial to start your day well so that the entire day goes well. Now if your day begins like this:

I have been reading Surah Rahman since I was around 15 years. I always associated it with the blessings of Allah such as trees, plants.