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Mental health is talked about but not really addressed in our society. Mainly two issues arise in Pakistan that are an obstacle

In a notification issued by the Punjab government, schools and offices in the provincial capital Lahore would remain close.

Special needs children have been through quite a difficult time during the pandemic. Parents and carers had to work mostly on their own.

A step of the government to provide a single system for education for all, to eradicate inequality and class difference.

Sixteen Universities of Pakistan rank best universities in Asia. Pakistani universities need to work hard to ace the Asia Ranking Lists.

Government had asked the schools to give 20% fee waiver for parents in Islamabad to help them cope up with the current situation.

Muslim youth as students have excellent guidance in our deen. We are taught prayers to ask for good Ilm from Allah swt.

Freelancers upskill themselves to compete in the cut-throat market. Covid-19 has increased the need of online certification courses.

The third wave of Coronavirus has hit the country with its deadly variants. People are more concerned about health safety than before.

Being able to successfully achieve set goals requires discipline and hard work with dedication and focus. This necessitates setting realistic goals.