More Freelancers Enroll For Online Certification Courses

More Freelancers Enroll For Online Certification Courses

COVID-19 has hit the entire world with its deadly variants. The entire world has undergone a major shift whether it is shifting to online mode partially or completely. The pandemic has affected every sector forcing them to switch to e-learning and opting for online certification courses.

With majority countries adapting stay-at-home orders due to coronavirus, there has been an increase in online learning. Over the last decade, we have seen a major boom in e-Learning. It came in many forms but majorly in college courses, online certification and professional development.

Covid-19 Reshaping Lives of Professionals

People who were unable to seek employment in offices shift to online mode of earning money. Many of them, who were unable to give more time to freelancing, got an excellent opportunity to focus on what they always loved to do.

Shifting Towards Online Education

Today, online training has more importance than ever before. Schools closures and businesses shifting to online modes are no longer causing hindrances in learning and personal growth. Online learning has made building future skills simple and convenient.

With the rise in pandemic, schools all over the world had to shut down affecting 1.2 billion children in 186 countries. Since education system also had to shift to online mode of learning, teachers had to undergo training sessions to make it convenient for the students to access learning material online.

Spike in Unemployment

Due to pandemic, people all around the world faced innumerable problems. Nearly 400 million jobs were lost due to business going bankrupt. People had to sit at home and look for ways to earn online. This is how; we observe a rise in freelancing. Pakistan has been in top five freelancing markets in the world.

Even with limited availability of employment opportunities, many people took advantage of the opportunity and shifted to freelancing. As full-time employment opportunities dwindle, the world saw an evident rise in contract and freelance mode of earning.

Since the businesses had to shut down physically and shift to online modes, many tasks that were not handled by techs now required the attention of experts. Businesses had to get their tasks done. Companies relied on freelance workers and this has become a new trend.

According to Intuit 2020 Report, forty percent of workforce of the United States would be freelancers, temporary workers or contract based employees. The COVID-19 injected crisis on the economy of the countries globally.

While all the businesses around the world suffered due to coronavirus, freelance market was the only market that benefitted even through the chaotic conditions during the pandemic.

Many freelancing websites including Upwork reported massive growth in freelance registrations. Even though the economy has stalled, but the rapid increase in freelance community displays an effectiveness in remote mode of earning.

Increasing Need of Online Certification Courses Due to Pandemic

With the speedy growth of Freelance community, many freelance platforms  require freelance workers to undergo certification. Fiver and Upwork are also amongst some freelancing websites that promote remote workers to enroll in certification courses.

This has become a need of the time. Getting certification courses would help freelance workers to rate their profiles better. Many platforms are offering free-of-cost certification courses helping freelancers to attain certified courses while sitting at the comfort of their homes. Moreover, the government of Pakistan has also announced partially funded freelance courses for its citizens to provide them all the possible opportunities to earn during the pandemic.