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The MDCAT is required for admission to medical and dental schools in Pakistan. PMC administers the MDCAT usually 3-4 months

The government of Pakistan launched a Student Loan Scheme (SLS) to provide financial assistance to needy students.

The Statement of Purpose, also known as the SOP, is written when you apply for university admission. It’s like a test that you need to prepare and that needs...

Studying abroad is every student’s dream. Many middle-class families also dream of sending their children to foreign countries for higher education. However, numerous reasons stop them from doing so.

Thousands of students around the world come to the US to study. Studying at an international university or college is expensive.

After getting done from their high schools, students aim to get an education at the leading universities abroad, but not all students can fulfill this aim.

Rhodes Scholarship UK is one of the oldest and most prestigious scholarship programs for international students. It provides an excellent opportunity of getting post-graduate education at the University of...

Malaysia is a wonderful country that offers a variety of educational opportunities in terms of fields, diverse cultures and age groups.

Universities in Pakistan have risen at a fast pace in the last twenty years.

Are you preparing for an admission test for intermediate or A Levels and don’t know where to start, read the blog to find some useful tips to boost your...