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In the last week, girls as young as 16 have been detained for disobeying the Taliban’s prohibition on the headscarf in the Afghan capital of Kabul. The girls were...

On Friday, Gimmy Chu, the global CEO of the massive modular lighting company Nanoleaf, addressed students at SOAR STEM Schools through a video connection from Toronto. As future STEM...

students can overcome their negative emotions and uncertainties of having impostor syndrome with the use of a few easy techniques.

This article focuses on the importance of climate change education and why is it important to make our people aware of this global issue.

This article discusses the importance of sex education and why our children need to know the right information.

The state of special education and inclusive practices in Pakistan will be studied along with real-life examples of success and challenges.

Natural remedies play an important role in the life of an ADHD child. Natural remedies improve focus and learning capabilities in them.

Due to advancement in technology, our life has become a lot easier --not only for us but also for the people with special needs.

Punjab government is working on planning and interventions in the education sector to ensure that the students keep going with the education. With the worsening situation in all provinces...

Schools for Children with Special Needs