Future of digital literacy in Pakistan

Future of digital literacy in Pakistan

The advent of digital technology has fundamentally changed the lifestyle of people around the globe. Not only are people living differently, but their way of working and learning has also changed. The access to digital information and making use of it in the modern lifestyle has opened up innumerable opportunities to improve the quality of life, learning and education. In fact, in the modern day, without the acceptance of digital technology and its related literacy, no nation would be able to survive this digital age.

Digital literacy in Pakistan

The arrival of digital technology and its literacy has brought about the same vicissitudes in Pakistan also. The acceptance of digital literacy and its application to various branches across this developing nation has unlocked new horizons for people and organizations under the Prime Minister’s vision of Digital Pakistan. This vision of digital Pakistan is based on the robust development of digital infrastructure, global connectivity, innovation, digital entrepreneurship and the access to training of digital technology being given to the layman in the Pakistani society. However, presently, the full potential of digital technology has not been realized because only a quarter of adult population has access to the internet.

Smart phone and its use in Pakistan

In spite of people having a rampant obsession to have smart phones in the Pakistani society, people are not using these smart phones to its full potential. Smartphone applications such as social media like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, ride hailing service applications like Uber and digital banking applications like Easy Paisa, Alfa and Jazz Cash are not being used fully. Although many people across the country have started using these applications to gain some benefit, most of the market space has still been untapped. In this regard, it is of prudent importance that people are given digital literacy and know-how of using the smart phones in such a way that they are able to reap financial benefits to its full probability.

Covid-19 and Scope of freelancing

In the context of working dynamics, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, the importance of digital literacy cannot be denied. People, not only in Pakistan, but also around the world, are connected to their workplaces through internet, which is why the running of economy did not stop entirely despite of slowing down. Freelancing and meeting clients around the world through internet are now being realized as a financial sector with the efforts organizations like Enablers and Extreme Commerce. The slogan that Pakistan can and will become a Billion Dollar Pakistan is being promoted by these organizations, and all this has been possible because of the initiation of digital literacy, which is expected to rise in the future and bring even more benefits to the financial sector and economy of Pakistan.

Measures needed for digital literacy

There is a universal fact that with literacy and education, even the most difficult of situations can be handled. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to enhance measures for digital literacy across the country so that socio-economic and financial development of the country can take its pace. Organizations like Extreme Commerce, Enablers should be supported by the government so that they can make their contributions in making the dream of billion dollar Pakistan come true. In addition to this, government organizations like Digiskills.pk should also be accepted by the masses so that the digital literacy can take its effect and contribute to productivity and enhancement of the economy.