Author: Sidra Awais

Much debate being carried out in Pakistan these days with the advent of the Single national curriculum at primary level.

Prime minister Imran Khan addressed the Punjab Education Convention 2021, on Wednesday, 25th August, 2021.

A step of the government to provide a single system for education for all, to eradicate inequality and class difference.

Pakistan was created after sacrifices that cannot even be imagined by people these days. Trains filled with dead bodies of hundreds of Muslims killed by Hindus and Sikhs in...

Amidst the spread of the fourth layer of the COVID Virus in Pakistan, the education minister has focused and emphasized on the fact that the board exams will neither...

The time of the COVID-19 pandemic has been stressful for everyone around the globe. People have experienced all sorts of feelings, stressful thoughts and reactions.

Princess Diana has been a source of inspiration everyone including me, even after she passed away. The Princess of Wales was a role model for many.

Very like the stance that there should be equal employment opportunities for all, education too should be available to everyone despite.

The advent of digital technology has fundamentally changed the lifestyle of people around the globe. Not only are people living differently.