Let’s save our children

Let’s save our children

There are no words that one can use to explain what happened lately. No matter how many stories I hear and try to understand the situation, its simply shocking and painful to talk about.

My only request to parents out there is to please teach fundamental Islamic teachings to your children. You do not need to make them Molvis or Quran Hafiz. Just tell them the basics like humanity, respecting the opposite sex, staying away from haram.

I learnt parenting from different people. My parents taught me some great things, my in-law’s added more lessons and through experiences I think I can manage to provide some guidelines.

My children may not be the most pious in the world, but I do try my best to provide religious education in whatever way possible.

Tips to help you in raising your children

Here are some things I always share with my children:

  • Never do something that you have to hide from your parents
  • When a male and female are alone, there is a third person between them and that is Shaitan. So try that such a situation never arises.
  • My teenagers have their mobiles, laptops and devices with them. I cannot check them 24/7 but I just keep reminding them that Allah is watching you.
  • When my kids turn 13, I keep telling them to pray. Sometimes they hate me for it. But I have to do this. One day they will be grateful that I forced them.
  • I try to make every effort to develop the love for reading the Quran in my children. Be it one page, one paragraph or one sentence, I want them to understand the message of Allah.
  • Teach your sons to respect every woman; his sisters, teachers, domestic help, strangers i.e each and every woman.

The West has been dominating us for a long time. There is no harm in learning good things from them. But then there should be limitations. Your children should be very clear on haram and halal. As parents we are so concerned about our child’s worldly education, we take so much pain in providing them good food, clothes and things for entertainment.

If we continue to shower our children with material love and do not teach them the difference between right and wrong, between halal and haram, very soon they will forget about basic humanity. In fact they are going towards that state.

As a parent, I highly advice you to rethink your parenting strategies. Slowly and steadily, make changes. Set a good example and pray to Allah to protect your children from evil.