Renew our Mental and Physical Health while in Quarantine

Renew our Mental and Physical Health while in Quarantine

The current situation is quite overwhelming for everyone. Some people are getting infected during the second wave while those infected during the first wave fear a second attack.

Now we cannot run away from this virus because this is very much here to stay. What we can do is look after ourselves, help our loved ones, and keep calm.

Is that too hard? Well, first we need to look after our mental and physical health to deal with the stress associated with the unknown.

Coping Strategies

We fear things that are new to us especially when they are disrupting our normal routine and are affecting us negatively. So here is my coping mechanism for the current crisis:

Practice Yoga

As a yoga fan, I can assure you that many simple yoga exercises can equip you with a positive frame of mind. For example, alternate nostril breathing is very beneficial.


Savasana is a great yoga pose that will help you face the realities of life in a positive manner. The corpse pose is also known as the dead body pose. It has the least pull of gravity; hence it is the most natural position and therefore very comfortable and relaxing. I love the way this pose is explained by this website, MylifeMystuff,

”In the center of your bumbling human life, where you are always looking around for something better, notice how the present moment is just a small death away.”

Thus I would suggest that we need to realize that this is a major change in our lives, causing many problems and that we all have to face it but it does not mean that we live in fear for the rest of our lives. Look for ways to keep yourself engrossed and avoid negative thoughts.

Caution: Before doing it please visit the website to see how it’s done properly and if you should do it or not. Always consult your physician before trying anything new if you suffer from any kind of health issue.


Do share your strategies for surviving during the pandemic and what worked best for you. After all, giving a helping hand during a crisis is always very rewarding and thus reduces stress.