Author: Romana Ibrahim

As a mother of three, looking for a school for my third one seemed like a piece of cake! Little did I know that its quite a difficult task!

Special needs children have been through quite a difficult time during the pandemic. Parents and carers had to work mostly on their own.

There are no words that one can use to explain what happened lately. No matter how many stories I hear and try to understand the situation.

It is very crucial to start your day well so that the entire day goes well. Now if your day begins like this:

Due to the pandemic, education has gone undergone tremendous changes. Many students have suffered as a result.

I have been reading Surah Rahman since I was around 15 years. I always associated it with the blessings of Allah such as trees, plants.

We interviewed a talented lady Zeenat Hussain, a poet and a writer. We are now sharing some of her wonderful stories with you.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Zeenat Iqbal Hakimjee, a writer, poet, mother, grandmother and a great chef.

A blessed month in deed, Ramadan is coming to its end. At the same time we are now loosing energy and therefore motivation.

Talal is a graduate from FAST, and he completed his Ph.D. from New York University (NYU). He has been generous enough to share his story and has even made...