Author: Romana Ibrahim

I was about 10 years old, studying at Beaconhouse School, Islamabad. Mrs.Shabnam Ashraf was my principal at that time.

A beautiful surah that brings comfort to the heart and peace to the mind.

Students have been through a lot as covid left them physically and emotionally drained. Going back to school was not easy for students

How often have you felt extremely mad, acted upon it, and later felt, “Oh my God! I shouldn’t have done that!” Many times, right? We often hasten in acting...

I searched for football academies around Islamabad last summer for my son. I was blown away to discover how many are available and how affordable they are.

It's 2023 and we are all set for the new year with new hopes and aspirations! No matter what field you are from, or which level of education

Talking about bullying with my students was a wonderful experience. I realized how important it is to talk about issues like these in schools.

Bullying is a term we've heard many times. But very few have experienced serious pain due to its continuous attack.

Most of you are probably familiar with Master Ayub - Wikipedia who runs an open air school in F-6, Islamabad.

Giving the devices to our teens is like giving them a car and a license to do whatever they want to! You cannot keep your child safe from