Is the Pandemic Bothering you Again?

Is the Pandemic Bothering you Again?

With the pandemic making its mark in our lives for quite some time now, once again people are becoming anxious and stressed. Most of us are worried about the uncertainty associated with it.

Be it students, schools, parents, everyone is feeling the heat even in this cold weather!

Don’t loose hope and try to make the best out of it by keeping busy with something constructive. Each day keep some time for different activities you enjoy. For example, painting, aerobics, writing, cooking, etc. Try to learn something new in your area of interest. If you like video games, go for some free gaming courses, read on the latest developments and maybe even try making your own game to keep your passion alive. continues to research and explore the most useful resources so that you can add value to your CV. We bring you some great news from FutureLearn. We informed you about it in an earlier blog.

Renew Your Skills

You can still make an effort and enhance your skills. Whether you are new to the job market or struggling to make an impact in your current position, renewing your knowledge and acquiring some practical skills will benefit you in many ways:

  • You will feel good about yourself.
  • You will have a positive frame of mind as you will be busy and not pay too much attention to the pandemic.
  • Learning an additional skill is always helpful in your career development.
  • You can explore new areas that you never got the chance for or the time to explore during your educational journey.


FutureLearn in cooperation with top universities and organizations around the globe is offering some great courses. It provides a large variety of topics and you can choose your level of study. With its high-quality content, some courses are completely free while you have the chance to upgrade it by paying a very reasonable amount of fee.

FutureLearn offers the following courses:

On a personal level, I have found their courses very interesting and challenging. They have helped me keep my sanity during the pandemic! I tried digital skills, mental health, and teaching courses. So give it a try and share your experiences with us.