The Peshawar University Teachers Association (PUTA) threatens to close down

The Peshawar University Teachers Association (PUTA) threatens to close down

The Peshawar University Teachers Association (PUTA) is almost on the brink of boycotting classes as a response to the prolonged non-payment of salaries to the teachers. In the midst of this inflation era, everyone has a need that is to be fulfilled and salary paid employees are already in a difficult situation where it they are making their ends meet.

A representative of PUTA stated that this unrest has been going on for quite a few months now and has been building up to this level where it is now at the brink of boycotting classes. The employees of classes III and classes IV have staged a strike due to the delay in salary disbursements and this is expected to rise in future also if the salary disbursements aren’t done. However, the teachers have refrained from participating in the protest, which also shows that they prioritize the interests of their students. But the situation has worsened over time and the teaching staff was left with no choice but to take on the challenge head on and boycott the classes.

The officials have placed the blame on the former Vice -Chancellor, Dr. Muhammed Idrees. He further asserted that the current financial state of the university has never been seen before this in the 70-year history of the Institution.

PUTA has announced in an official statement that they demand for an immediate action in regard to the payment of due salaries within 24 hours or their would be boycotts and protests as they plan to stage a sit outside the Governor House if their demands are not promptly met.

This development regarding the Peshawar university is not just restrained to this institution but also surfaces as a constant financial crisis that has been faced by the public sector universities in the entire province. This threat of boycotting by the teachers emphasizes that the situation is grave and severe which highlights that there is an urgent need for resolution of this dispute and disruption so that the academic activities are running smoothly and the wellbeing of the university’s teaching staff. will closely monitor the situation closely and provide updates as the events unfold. This looming threat of the boycotting of the class underscores the severity of the crisis, how it unfolds and how it will be managed as their is a strong urgency to resolve this matter as soon as possible so that the classes are run smoothly and the students academics are not disturbed.