Teacher Shortage of 115,000 in Punjab Education System.

Teacher Shortage of 115,000 in Punjab Education System.

Primary teacher positions in Punjab’s government schools are now 45,000 more than they were a year ago (70,000), which brings the system down to a large vacancy opportunity, but no one seems interested to take up the opportunity, which is why the teacher shortage is increasing day by day because the satisfying remuneration and other motivational factors are not present in the system.

A news article claims that there is a major teacher shortage in the province, affecting nearly 9,000 primary schools. There are no more than two or three teachers per school in these elementary schools. In addition, there are already more than 1,500 open Primary School Teacher (PST) posts in Lahore. Teachers are having trouble getting transfers to other schools as a result of the scarcity. For more than five years, female teachers have been forced to teach kids that are far away from where they live.

It should be mentioned that the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) was entrusted with investigating the hiring of 14,000 teachers under the previous administration. However, the teacher hiring process was put on hold because of a change in administration of the country.

Additionally, the province needs to hire approximately 15,000 Student Success Teams (SSTs) for upper secondary schools and 30,000 Instructional Support Teams (ISTs) for middle schools.

By 2027, officials predict that thirty thousand more instructors will have retired. The school education department has issued a warning, stating that there could be a major impact on the education system over the next three years if new instructors are not hired. The departments responsible for the hiring and recruitment of new teachers need to search for new teachers vigorously.