Climate Change education to be included in school curriculums in Pakistan

Climate Change education to be included in school curriculums in Pakistan

Amongst the many issues that the globe is facing in the present time is of climate change, and this also arguably the most important environmental issue as well. Unfortunately, climate change is occurring far more quickly than it has been anticipated and is showing much severe effects than the scientists have predicted. Many studies relating to the effects of climate change have been shown by climate change organizations, while other research studies have predicted that the Earth’s ecosystem and the human society will face severe consequences and ramifications due to the climate change, especially in the developing countries. This article focuses on the importance of climate change education and why is it important to make our people aware of this global issue.

In order to safeguard communities and increase public awareness, it is of prudent importance to prepare our society as a whole especially students as to how they can develop practical climate change responses as the climate change education is an extremely imperative tool. The students need to be fully educated about this issue since they will be making the decisions about various things in the future which is why the students need to be fully aware of the local as well as global climate issues. Although most people in our society would think that climate change is a topic for coffee table conversations only but they are not aware of its detrimental effects and repercussions which is why schools should focus on climate change education in general. In fact, the topic of climate change should be included in the curriculum of primary, secondary and high schools.

This same idea about the topic of climate change to be included in the curriculum of the schools was shared by President Dr, Arif Alvi during his remarks at the two day climate change conference in Karachi. The president stated that since the effects of climate change are escalating, it is very important that everyone must take and carry out appropriate required actions especially in the areas of environmental awareness and educating the young. He stressed that there is a fundamental requirement for changing the mindset so that the unbreakable connection between the human activity and global warming can be broken. It is very important that our society as a whole is made aware of the various aspects of climate change and how it is impacting our environment. Apart from this what other economic issues and social implications is it carrying should be taught as well. The climate change education will only guarantee results in terms of effectiveness and sustainability of climate initiatives when informed decision making and advocacy is facilitated.

It is being said that the year 2024 will be the year of climate education and capacity building as people are becoming aware of the terms like global warming and climate education. It is therefore very important to help the future generation understand about the difficulties that may be lying ahead in terms of changing climate and global warming can be a problem for the generations to come and what must be unlearned and learned and what must be undone and done.

In the line with the remarks of President Dr, Arif Alvi at the two day climate change conference in Karachi, an excellent initiative was carried out by the Directorate General of Basic Education Community Schools (BECS) and Forum for Dignity Initiatives (FDI). The organizations signed a Letter of Understanding (LOU) which stated that the climate education in different schools in Islamabad should be enhanced and included in the regular curriculum. The collaboration intends to improve climate education programs in Islamabad’s official and informal educational institutions. The signing ceremony, which took place in the BECS headquarters, celebrated the joint efforts of FDI, represented by Uzma Yaqoob, and BECS, under the direction of Hameed Khan Niazi. Dignitaries, officials of the two organizations, educators, and activists with a shared vision for an informed and sustainable future attended the ceremony. Similar initiatives in other parts of the country will also have a positive impact on the way this issue could be tackled in future as education is the cornerstone of societal progress.