Five Major Problems Faced By Students in Pakistan

Five Major Problems Faced By Students in Pakistan

Pakistan has always been one of those countries that have made poor decisions in the past for their education policies. It has been cumbersome for the students because they are the ones who are most affected because of any poor policy. Pakistani Students have faced different problems in the past and they are still not able to get rid of these issues. Some of these issues are:

1- Transport Problems

Pakistani Students are unable to commute to their schools, colleges, and universities as there is no effective means of transport. The public transport is not child friendly and the school vans are in horrible condition as well. Children are not comfortable sitting in the school vans and university students are forced to stand in university buses. Moreover, in most cities, rush hours make it even more difficult for  them.

2- Financial Constraints

In Pakistan, quality education is expensive and there are more private schools than government schools. Government Schools are not up to the mark and they are not preferred by the Pakistani community. Every private school has different tuition fees and they overcharge in most of the cases as well. It makes it difficult for the parents to get quality education for their children.

3- Political Involvement

Pakistan does not have a stable economic policy and this has been reflected in their recent attempts to launch Single National Curriculum (SNC). It has sparked a new debate in the education sector of Pakistan as one Province and private schools are against the decision. Private school association is involved with political figures and this involvement has damaged education in Pakistan. Political figures decide on the education policy for their benefit. And this is the reason that private schools can charge their desired tuition fees.

4- Peer Pressure

Pakistani students are mostly under a lot of pressure from their parents and society. They are unable to decide for their career and this causes a lot of problems for them in the future. It is one of the reasons that Pakistan has saturated certain disciplines to an extent that there is hardly any vacancy available. Some schools are providing career counseling to their students but these schools are expensive and out of reach for many parents.

5- Unproductive Environment

There are some schools in the country where students can participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. But in most cases, the schools do not provide these activities for the students which causes distress. There is a chance that the students may not be able to pursue their dreams because they are not be given enough exposure. At the university level, there are different communities and societies where students can participate in their leisure time and enjoy their hobbies. But there is a need to implement these types of programs at an early stage to boost confidence in children.


Pakistan requires a complete revamping of its education system, but it is not a feasible solution as of now. It is the responsibility of the government to take one step at a time to ensure that the students are not burdened and have a chance to flourish on their own. With steps like SNC, Pakistan’s education system is heading in the right direction but SNC itself was an aggressive step. Governments need to realize their mistakes before it is too late for the students. Students are the future of this country and they must be put out of this misery as soon as possible so that this nation has a bright future.