Why do many women never pursue their profession?

Why do many women never pursue their profession?

I remember this joke in my class when I was in MBA. Boys would often ask girls that why did we want to pursue a professional degree when we will end up cooking in the kitchen and raising children. It would make me very angry.

Today after 23 years later, I am not upset at all. I have learnt so much over these 23 years. Its not a matter of pursuing your profession. It’s a matter of counselling young girls in the right direction. If women will not cook and raise kids, then who will? And why is cooking and raising kids such a small job? Why do we look down upon women who stay home and look after their families?

A Mother’s Contributions

I don’t think that I and my siblings could have done anything in life unless our mother would have provided the conducive environment we had at home. It is a shame that we look at our mothers as if they have done nothing in life. We need to realize that it is these women who have raised educated citizens,  enabling them to achieve a professional status in life.

If I am not working full time, I am providing my children space and comfort and fulfilling their necessary needs so that they can study peacefully and with complete devotion. I never believed in working full time because I felt I will have no personal life. So this was my choice even before marriage and kids.

I have been teaching, writing, conducting yoga and zumba classes, I started a small jewelry business and I continue to explore new areas of opportunities, keeping my family life in mind.

I respect women who work full time and have families to look after. They are super women! But I do feel that society really needs to value women in every way possible. They have a difficult time dealing with family matters, facing men who bully them or are disrespectful towards them and domestic issues.

We need to create educational fields and work environments that are safer for girls and women. We need to develop work opportunities that are more suitable for a mother. Although daycare centers, maternity leaves, etc are becoming quite a norm in Pakistan but we have a long way to go!


There should be counselling sessions specifically aimed at girls and women:

  • At school to help them understand their growing up, issues at home and how to choose subjects for higher studies
  • At university level to guide them about professional choices that will not interfere with their family life
  • At offices for women living in joint families, difficult financial situations, pre and post-pregnancy support

Hence, we really need to develop educational fields and professions that suit women who are mothers also. We cannot deny that women, no matter what level of seniority they might be at, they have to raise their children. First of all, women need to realize the importance of being a mother.

Responsibilities and Status of a Mother

From a religious point of view, it is a highly respectable status for a woman as heaven lies under her feet. From a worldly perspective, a woman raises responsible and educated citizens. These are both extremely crucial duties of a mother. Once she raises good children, her efforts should be acknowledged. We never make our women feel appreciated. Even today when I hear someone say, “oh so you are just a housewife”, it breaks my heart!

How can someone even say that to a woman who stays up all night to feed her baby, makes endless efforts to get the best meals ready for the family, ensures the house is clean, clothes are washed and ironed and everyone reaches office, school etc on time. She saves money to provide for her children, she never takes a day off from motherhood, she ensures she doesn’t get sick because she can’t afford to take a rest……and the list goes on.

So please respect your women and provide some realistic professional choices for them to carry on after marriage and children!