Treat your depression with the verses of the Holy Quran

Treat your depression with the verses of the Holy Quran

Do you sometimes feel depressed? Do you feel life is meaningless at times? When you fail to do something, do you lose hope easily?

As humans, we are anxious, worried and most of the times feel low when things aren’t going as planned.

If you need some positive mentoring, simply pick up the Quran and you will find numerous helpful surahs to make you feel good about yourself. Depression is at its all time high in the world. Even teenagers are depressed. Covid has definitely added to the already existing sadness inside a person.

Surah Duha

Surah Duha is a beautiful surah with some amazing thought provoking implications for us. Depression is something we all go through. Some just experience it for a while, others dwell over it for a longer time.

This surah tells us that even Prophet Muhammad (P.b.u.h) went through it. Thus it is not abnormal to experience it. Many people think that if a person is depressed, it means he is away from religion or he is spiritually weak. That is not the case!

Anyone can become depressed. But one should not lose hope and this surah explains this beautifully. Prophet Muhammad (P.b.u.h) was feeling sad because he had not received revelation for a long time and this surah was revealed to assure him that Allah is not upset with him. Subhan Allah!

Al Balagh Video about Surah Duha

Such a heartwarming surah and Dr. Yasir Qadhi sheds light on it. You must watch this video from Al Balagh. Dr. Yahir provides the details of the surah in simple words. According to him the surah deals with the topic of stress and anxiety. Dr. Yasir provides a new perspective while explaining the surah. He explores the surah in terms of treating depression. The practical examples given by him to handle depression are easy to follow.

Balaghy | Battling Depression Through Psychology of Surah Duha

So if you are feeling depressed or just want a reminder from Allah as to how blessed you are, you must take a few minutes out and enlighten yourself with this amazing explanation. The video highlights the following:

  • Emphasize on positives. The modern lifestyle focuses on what you don’t have while Allah asks us to look at our blessings.
  • Change negativity into positivity. Channelize your energy towards something rewarding and meaningful.
  • Give back to the society and give back to your religion.

Believe me, when you watch this video and try to relate to it, you will feel much better! Dr.Yasir’s comment that made my day:     “Allah loves optimism!”