Stories for Children by Zeenat Hussain

Stories for Children by Zeenat Hussain

We interviewed a talented lady Zeenat Hussain, a poet and a writer. We are now sharing some of her wonderful stories with you.

Why Should I Be Hungry?

(6) Why Should I be Hungry? | Short Story – YouTube

The story is about a poor boy raised by his widow mother. It depicts the realities and difficulties of single parents who cannot afford to give a good standard of living to their children. The story touches some harsh facts about our society that are prevailing unquestioned.

Rescue on the Sea

Rescue on the Sea – video Dailymotion

Its about a fisherman’s life. It is beautifully explained in terms of the culture, history and geography of the sea. How Zeenat uses adjectives to give a clear picture, is worth listening to. The story is basically about a fisherman who saves a drowning man.

Life on the Moon

Life on the Moon.mp4 – Google Drive

This is another wonderful story. It really reflects an imaginative mind and how one can help children think beyond the normal life. A must read! Its a short story that  explains a child’s adventures on the moon.

These stories cater to children aged between 8-12 years. Do watch them and share your views about them. They can be used by school teachers to help students improve their creative writing as well as teach them moral values.