Author: Saira I. Qureshi

Where can students turn to for locating field-of-study specific classic textbooks authored by pioneer scholars and for books.

What are some of the ways in which reading books can serve as an efficient tool in aiding students to be prepared for academic rigor?

Ever since words could be written in human history - those who sought knowledge and wanted to preserve it in written form, took to writing...

Muslim youth as students have excellent guidance in our deen. We are taught prayers to ask for good Ilm from Allah swt.

In this article, executive and cognitive skills are briefly described. In learning and studying, students make use of these skills all the time.

Being able to successfully achieve set goals requires discipline and hard work with dedication and focus. This necessitates setting realistic goals.

Adult students finishing their postgraduate degree programs or studying for qualifying licensure or professional certification/recertification exams during the pandemic.