The Chartered Institute of Marketing

The Chartered Institute of Marketing

What is the Chartered Institute of Marketing?

If marketing is your field and you wish to renew your skills or you are a fresher, CIM is a great platform for everyone and anyone interested in marketing. From membership to training to formal marketing qualifications, CIM aims to recognize marketers’ commitment to learning and developing their marketing skills continuously.

So how should you go about it?

First of all become a member of CIM. This has different grades. So you first need to see which fits your level of education and/or career. Now CIM is definitely expensive but the good part is that they have a subsidized membership fee for countries like Pakistan.

CIM Qualifications

You have a variety of options to choose from:

  • Marketing diplomas
  • CIM accredited degrees
  • Marketing club

Check the website ( for more details


Digital Marketing Channels | Online Training Course | CIM


If you are already in the field of marketing, check out CIM’s CPD program. The CPD (continuous professional development) is a brilliant way to stay updated and have your skills acknowledged.

CIM Social Media Platforms

Do check their Facebook page for free webinars, interesting posts and lots of expert marketing tools. Read the article about becoming a Chartered Marketer. There have been some new developments allowing more marketers to gain recognition.

They are also on instagram, twitter, linkedin and youtube. So if you cannot afford their membership, training and/or qualifications, simply visit their website and social media platforms and you will find tons of useful material, podcasts and webinars from marketing experts.

Thus CIM is a wonderful institute that has something to offer to everyone; whether new or experienced, free and cost-effective membership for developing nations, opportunities for partnership with universities, training institutes and organizations.

My own experience

I did the Professional Diploma in Marketing from CIM (online) back in 2013. My study center was Oxford College of Marketing. It was a rigorous course and the support from Oxford College was really good. The case studies and assignments are based on real-life situations and the assessments ensure that you apply your knowledge thoroughly.

If you are a CIM member/student/partner, please share your experiences and how you benefited from your it.