Health is Wealth

Health is Wealth

As the environment has become more polluted, so has our food. Nothing is completely pure. On the other extreme, the need to keep your weight under control is now a trend. Most girls wish to be size zero, not realizing how negatively this can impact their growth and overall health.

You must look after your health and this is my first priority in 2020.


Healthy Living Tips

As mothers, we completely ignore ourselves and believe that as long as our children are doing fine, everything will be okay. Looking after oneself is as important. Hence my new year gift to you are the following tips for a healthier body for yourself and your entire family:

  • Keep a balanced diet

Ensure you are taking a proper mix of protein, carbohydrates, fats, and minerals. Check this site for some help on what is the right portion for you:


  • Physical exercise

Physical exercise is extremely crucial to stay healthy. It boosts your immunity system, keeps you active and therefore away from diseases and illnesses. Do exercises like yoga, meditation and praying in order to minimize stress.


  • Water

Water is the best gift from God. Enjoy it and make it an essential part of your life.


  • Avoid Junk

Avoid processed and outdoor food of any kind. You can keep a cheat day to enjoy these meals but on a regular basis, these should be completely avoided.


  • Carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks, sugar, and saturated foods are like poison. They should not even enter your houses. Children start consuming these regularly at an early age especially when parents or older siblings are eating them at home. Please change this habit.


  • Baking at home

Make baking and/or cooking at home with your kids a fun activity. Teach them how they can make their favorite outdoor food at home in a healthier and hygienic manner.


  • Stop getting tempted by ads.

    The majority of these ads use artificial colors and materials to make the food look out of this world.

  • Kitchen Garden

    Try growing food items like basic vegetables at home.

  • Replace white sugar

Replace white sugar by sugar cane. Your kids will thank you later in life!


For Core Strengthening in Children

Today many kids have weaker core muscles. This is due to inactivity and/or developmental delays. Kids are sitting more, moving less. In schools, the pressure of studies leaves little room for sports. Here is a great site to teach some core strengthening exercises to children at home:

I know it’s easier said than done. But believe me, start doing these religiously and you will see results. It will take time to develop a taste for these changes but they will become a norm at your home after some time. I don’t even remember when I had white sugar last time!