How to improve the attention span of an ADHD child without medication?

How to improve the attention span of an ADHD child without medication?

ADHD children often find it difficult to concentrate for a longer period. This attribute often makes their parents anxious. Many questions pop into their minds such as how they will learn, how they will manage their lives in school and much more.

Parents often believe that treating an ADHD child with medications will cure him/her. They fail to understand that many times children often experience specific side effects due to heavy medication. Irritability, insomnia, delayed growth, and decreased appetite are some of the side effects of certain medicines.

What if parents get to know ways that can help their child learn better without medications? Yes! You read it right. You can help your child without giving them heavy doses of medicines.

This article is a comprehensive guide to help increase the attention span of your ADHD child. It consists of:

  • General tips for increasing focus of an ADHD child
  • How can a healthy diet help your child?

Let’s start with the general tips for increasing the focus of your child.

General Tips

Parents must be patient, helpful, and motivating. When dealing with your child, you must  stay positive to impact your child favorably. We can break this whole term into smaller sections to make things easier for parents.

Break down their tasks

Often children get anxious when they see something complicated in front of them. Crossing that hurdle scares them. It affects their performance and demotivates them for future goals.

Hence, it is always advisable to break the tasks into smaller ones. It helps them to understand the lesson. Breaking down the task enables them to achieve the task without any hesitation. It also allows them to focus since the functions are no longer an obstacle for them.

Deep breathing

Research has shown that deep breathing has helped children with ADHD. Whenever your child loses focus or displays symptoms of ADHD, always practice deep breathing with him/her. It helps to reduce anxiety and re-focus on their tasks.

Add playtime in daily routine

Exercises and physical playtime are a healthy lifestyle. Parents need to add playtime in daily routine. Exercise stimulates brain cells and promotes mental and physical growth. Research has shown that daily exercise boosts brain cells that help in learning and memorizing.

In short, daily exercises will prove to be highly beneficial to your child’s mental and physical health.

Impact of diet on your child

Along with all the essential tips mentioned earlier, the diet has equal importance in improving your child’s focus.

The food that your child eats fuels his  mind and body, which helps him improve his mental and physical behavior.

Eat breakfast daily

Statistics show that students who go to school with a full stomach perform well in their academics. A healthy breakfast leaves a positive impact on the child’s academics, especially subjects requiring  alot of mental exertion such as arithmetic.

Avoid artificial colors

Experts say that artificial colors in foods make the child hyperactive since their usage is not healthy for children. So parents must avoid using them to improve their child’s performance.

Reduce sugar intake

Many parents claim that sugar makes their child hyperactive, less focused. Numerous studies prove that excessive intake of sugar leads to health problems in children. They become less-focused and demonstrate hyper behavior. Too much sugar can affect your child’s health. It is advisable to cut down the use of sugar, sugary snacks, and, most importantly, sugary drinks to avoid other health problems as well such as diabetes, obesity etc.