HEC Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Program 2020

HEC Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Program 2020

Education has been the prime factor to increase economic stability in the nation. In Pakistan, the system of education has been divided unequally among its nation as there are very fewer students who get admission for undergrad degrees due to poverty and lack of finances. HEC Ehsaas Undergraduate Program is an initiative by the Prime Minister of Pakistan for these deserving yet financially unstable students to provide them equal access to education.

In the past, many students were awarded the postgraduate scholarship, but it is evident that many deserving candidates are not even able to pay for their graduate degrees. The Ehsaas Undergraduate Program aims to provide scholarships to the students whose monthly family income is below 45,000 PKR as the government will initiate the program on 4th November 2020. Around 50,000 deserving candidates will be awarded a 100% scholarship for their tuition fee and an amount of 4000 PKR per month for their stationery expenses.

An Online Portal will be introduced as to apply for the scholarship. HEC Ehsaas Undergraduate Program will be catered by many universities across the country, as to provide the opportunity to deserving students to increase their education. Through this program, around 200,000 students will be able to complete their graduation degree in four years. Around 50% of the scholarship quota is fixed for female candidates. Funding will be directly sent to the university account. Other additional amounts will be sent to the bank account of the candidate.

Ehsaas Undergraduate Program will cater to the poverty problem and provide equal opportunity for students to improve their present living conditions. The selection will be totally on a merit basis. Candidates can reach the online portal through the website http://ehsaas.hec.gov.pk.

Moreover, students can reach their universities to complete the requirements. Scholarship can only be availed as per the following terms:

Students who got new admissions in universities

Selection will only be based on merit, which is that the student must comply with the criteria of admission in his/her preferred university.

The age limit is the same as for applying for the undergraduate program in universities.

Students who are not eligible for this scholarship are those:

Who has already secured any other HEC scholarship program

Those who got admission on a self-finance basis

Those who are unable to show evidence of their monthly income below 45,000 PKR.

Interested candidates will need to fill the form through the online portal to confirm their deserving position. For this, they will be required to fulfill all the requirements of the form like credentials, personal information as per their NIC card, domicile, and the monthly source of income.

Along with these, candidates need to submit evidence of their monthly expenditure in terms of kitchen expenses, electricity, gas, and water bills. The candidates need to show their family assets in terms of owning property or land.

The candidate requires to show the way he/she submitted their fees in the past and the evidence of any scholarship availed by him/her.

Hence, the HEC Ehsaas undergraduate scholarship will be awarded only on a merit basis to those students who will fall on the above criteria.

In case of hard copy submission, candidates need to fill the form and all the additional documents to submit it to the Financial Aid Department of their respected university. This Scholarship Program by the Government of Pakistan will ensure that educational access will be divided among the whole nations equally. By providing financial aid to deserving students, this program will also ensure equity on a gender basis. With this plan in mind, the future will become more predictable towards increasing the literacy rate of Pakistan.