Let’s show some compassion

Let’s show some compassion

Schools remain closed as the pandemic leaves a major impact on the entire world. Be it a health crisis and/or economic crisis, the fear that it has created is overwhelming.

We cannot move, think, or even sleep the way we used to! Education has been affected in many ways; good and bad. Although the entire academic term has been disturbed, at the same time online education has become a popular norm and I think as a nation we are doing well.

I am happy to see how schools have completely trained their teachers and admin staff and shifted from a physical campus to an online campus.

But what does this mean for schools that are minting money in the name of expensive buildings, facilities, rents, etc, and putting all the burden on parents?

Secondly, when there is a fee cut due to the government’s decision, the pressure shifts to the teachers. This is completely uncalled for!

Unfortunately, we live in a country where education is very expensive if one wants a quality education. The government fails to provide above-average education while private schools are charging heavy fees for the facilities they offer.

But in these conditions where buildings are closed and there are hardly any utility bills, why do parents have to keep reminding schools of the 20% fee cut announced by the government?

If school owners cannot display compassion in these circumstances, what are they teaching our children?

Suggestions for Schools

I have a few recommendations for these well to do schools:

Kindly make reasonable concessions like 10-15% but don’t shift the cut on to our hardworking teachers.

Do not use your school buildings for some time in order to cut utility costs.  Keep in contact with all your employees online. Big companies like Facebook can do that, then why can’t you?

Why are you even calling teachers and admin staff to school buildings (even if it is occasionally and for a shorter time period) when you know that someone can get infected and then spread the virus around?

To all the Parents

As parents, please be a little patient with the teachers. They have a lot on their plates. One day I entered my son’s room while he was taking his online class (Grade 6) and I heard a baby’s voice on his computer and I whispered to my son, “Who is that?” and he replied, “My teacher’s son.” It made me so sad!

Teachers have their own kids to look after and at the same time they have to attend online classes. That’s a very tough job! Imagine if you are a businessman or a banker and you have to conduct meetings with clients while your baby is sitting in your lap!

Life is already tough. Let’s make it easy for each other. School owners need to be more considerate towards their staff.  Parents need to provide a helping hand to teachers and ignore their small mistakes.

This is what this pandemic is about; being kind, being there for each other, holding together in these times so that Allah may shower His blessings on us! What do you think?