Teaching Children Real Lessons of Life

Teaching Children Real Lessons of Life

We are so busy teaching academics to our children that quite often we forget to teach them real lessons of life. From gratitude to helping others to mindfulness, very rarely are these topics covered in the classroom. Hence parents should make an extra effort to prepare their children for the practical life.

Important Lessons of Life

One important thing we need to teach our children is coping with stress. Life is a gift of God. You must enjoy it but also be grateful for it.

There are times when we have to face unforeseen situations and helping your kids accept and live with a difficult situation is something we all fear. But instead of fearing them, talk to your kids about it and train them for such incidents.

For example, the other day I asked both my children what they would do if God forbid we have an accident and I collapse. How will they call for help? Thus, we went through a complete exercise of making emergency calls and addressing any mishaps that can happen.

Now one very difficult crisis that some kids have to face at a young age which changes their entire life is the loss of a loved one. How do you prepare them for that? Well, you cannot prepare them but you can help them face the situation.

After all, no one wants to even imagine having their child to live with a single parent be it due to death, separation or divorce.


As a parent what you can do to help your child

  • The very first thing you need to let your child know in such a situation is that none of it is his fault and that God loves him very much. The feeling of not being loved results in poor self-confidence. So make sure this does not happen. He should be reminded that everything that happens is with God’s will and we as his beings need to accept that.
  • Once the child accepts the situation it is not a very tough ride. You just need to keep checking him, give him extra attention and love. Ensure that he is doing well emotionally, physically and academically.
  • However, if the acceptance has not come through within 6 months, you need to consult a doctor for his physical wellbeing and a psychologist for his mental health.
  • In any case do take grandparents, siblings, and friends into confidence and ask them to support you. Especially when a parent leaves due to a second marriage or any other reason, the child feels depressed. He may even think that he is not worth loving. Hence his negative thinking comes into play and eventually it becomes part of his personality.
  • There are many resources and groups online to help you understand these situations and how to get help. You must ask for help as soon as you observe that your child is not acting normal. Avoid talking about the topic that disturbs him.
  • Praying can really help both the parent and the child as it is the best medicine for healing emotional wounds.

Remember no matter how tough it is, it will eventually become easier. ALLAH has his reasons for everything. When He afflicts you with some crisis, He also equips you with the strength to face it. Only when you will accept this, your children will learn to do it too!