Happy New Year Gifts from educations.pk

Happy New Year Gifts from educations.pk

Happy New Year!

It’s 2023 and we are all set for the new year with new hopes and aspirations! No matter what field you are from, or which level of education you are pursuing, you are always planning for tomorrow.

We hope 20222 went well and wish that 2023 brings peace and happiness in your lives. If you have been struggling with something, be assured that this too shall pass. Face problems positively and consider them challenges that will prepare you for tomorrow. Do not lose hope and never give up! Your failures are only a learning experience. Keep trying and you will see the result sooner or later.

One must plan ahead of time keeping in mind unforeseen situations. But at the end of the day remember two things;

1- we cannot control each and everything,

2-there will be good days and bad days.

Further, on a very bad day do not lose hope. Learn to accept your mistakes and keep your calm. Here are some useful sites we selected for you to enjoy 2023. May you have a great year ahead!


A great website I found for your new year planners and diaries and much more: https://blingspot.pk/

I ordered some stationary for my 6-year-old daughter and she loved their stuff!

Muniba Mazari

You have probably heard about the Iron Lady of Pakistan, Muniba Mizari. If you haven’t, please google her and read about her. She is an amazing person! I remember meeting her about 6 years back and what a humble woman she is. Connect with her via Facebook or Instagram page to get inspired by her positive attitude.

A beautiful quote from her:

“People don’t show up in your life accidentally. You meet them for a reason. Some are blessings, others become lessons. So you take what you need to learn from them & continue to move on!” – Muniba Mazari

The Happinessftt

This is another wonderful resource I found around the end of 2022. The Happinessftt provides wellness classes in person and online. I attended one class and it was wonderful!

AlBalagh Academy

Although I have talked about AlBalagh Academy before but this remains my favorite site for finding solace. Their courses based on Islamic teachings combined with practical application and a reference to modern times, make them an ideal blend for today’s lifestyle. I am doing the second level of Islamic Psychology and Counselling and it’s a wonderful experience. The courses are easy to understand, very affordable, and help you with your professional and personal growth.

So let us know if you have tried any of these sites and how did you find them. If you have any favorite sites that might become a new year guidance for others, please share them with us!