Anger management with Allah’s name al-halim

Anger management with Allah’s name al-halim

How often have you felt extremely mad, acted upon it, and later felt, “Oh my God! I shouldn’t have done that!”

Many times, right? We often hasten in acting negatively only to realize later on that we were wrong. We love judging people too! Oh she is so lazy, why can’t he be responsible, when will this person learn!

Meaning of Al Halim

Having patience and learning to be forgiving towards others can take time. It is not easy but you can call upon Allah’s name Al-Halim to become forbearing.

Forbearance means patience, self-control, and tolerance. We all want to be treated well and we like people who are kind and soft. When we make a mistake unintentionally we want to be forgiven. Now this is not the case when we are dealing with someone who is harsh and unforgiving. Such people react quickly and negatively. And today many of us are becoming impatient and we behave irrationally, although there is room for kindness!

Getting a second chance is a big blessing! But not everyone is able to get it. Hilm is forbearance along with wisdom, knowledge, and purpose. Only Allah has such Hilm. We make mistakes and He forgives us because He wants us to return to Him.

Hilm also means not being hasty. Allah is not hasty in punishing us; therefore, He is forbearing and gentle. According to Al-Ghazali, al-Hilm is One Who does not react out of anger to disobedience, nor is He hasty in punishment. Ibn-Qayyim further supports this by saying that al-Hilm grants a grace period to wrongdoers.

Shift from a “me-centered” to a “God-centered” life. Allah is al-Hilm thus he provides us with an opportunity to change ourselves and become better person. So if we see this positively, then we will realize that Allah is empowering us and enabling us to grow spiritually.

Allah describes Prophet Ibrahim (AS) as Halim since he was a very forgiving person and always responded in a gentle manner even to those who tried to harm him.

Allah wants us to be soft and not react when in a state of anger. Whenever we make a mistake we would love it if we are forgiven. We should step back and reflect upon it. Similarly, we need to give other people a second chance as well. Thus, let go and enable others to correct themselves.

However, this does not mean that one should react to continuous abuse or other forms of mistreatment. Since Hilm is forbearance with wisdom and reason, it must be used wisely. Hence, keeping the situation in mind, practice forbearance.

In Summary