DigitalOcean and Beaconhouse National University Join Hands to Promote Inclusive Entrepreneurship in Pakistan

DigitalOcean and Beaconhouse National University Join Hands to Promote Inclusive Entrepreneurship in Pakistan

The premier non-profit liberal arts university in Pakistan, Beaconhouse National University (BNU), today announced a transformative partnership with DigitalOcean LLC, the developer cloud optimized for startups and expanding digital businesses. The partnership aims to empower and support Pakistan’s underrepresented entrepreneurs.

This charitable project, which is focused on inclusive entrepreneurship, seeks to establish fair opportunities and, more specifically, to support the national expansion of women-owned businesses.

11 proposals were submitted in response to the extensive selection process that was launched, which included a national call for financing proposals. After a thorough assessment, Behbud & Weecommerce, two non-profit and social companies in Pakistan, were selected as the most deserving recipients of this flagship program designed to advance inclusive entrepreneurship in impacted areas.

Regardless of their social or racial background, Behbud seeks to empower women across the country by giving them access to health, education, income generation, and vocational training. The Weecommerce program was started with the goal of assisting women entrepreneurs in realizing their full potential. To date, it has successfully created over 40 websites for women-led businesses from the comfort of their homes. The goal of both partners is to create as many learning opportunities as they can.

With the help of Digital Ocean and BNU, Weecommerce is excited to aim to increase its influence on female entrepreneurs and elevate them in the technology sector. stated Sabeen Khan, the Weecommerce Program Lead.

The Honorary Senior Vice President of the Behbud Association of Karachi, Bushra Prevaiz Kausar, stated, “The DO BNU grant approval is positioned to empower the Behbud Association, fostering its transformation, efficiency, and long-term sustainability.” Through the training program we are implementing with them, we hope to empower women artisans and help them realize their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs. This project has the potential to have a profound ripple effect that will improve the lives of these women as well as their families and communities.

For the next two years (2024–2025), DigitalOcean and BNU will make large investments to support the expansion and prosperity of entrepreneurs across Pakistan as a proof of their steadfast commitment.

Those that are chosen will have access to an extensive network of resources, including:

  • Cash awards: To support the growth of their businesses and to provide vital financial stability, grantees will receive cash awards ranging from USD 25,000 to USD 40,000 (equivalent in Pakistani rupees).
  • Free Infrastructure Credits: To help grantees use cutting-edge cloud technologies for their projects, DigitalOcean is providing free infrastructure credits worth $2,500.
  • Instructions & Tutorials: DigitalOcean will make tutorials and instructions available to the chosen entrepreneurs. These will center on important topics like raising capital and putting successful marketing techniques into practice.
  • Mentorship: To help selected entrepreneurs navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship, DigitalOcean volunteers will provide them with vital insights and guidance.
  • Support for Marketing and Project Management: BNU will offer project management support for efficient execution as well as marketing support to increase visibility.
  • Support for Impact Measurement: BNU is dedicated to providing help in gauging the effects of programs in order to guarantee success and responsibility.

“This is a very, very small part that BNU is proud to play, but dare I say, we have not done justice to their cause in a country where more than 50% of our population is female.” stated BNU Vice Chancellor Dr. Moeed Yusuf.

Empowering disadvantaged groups in society and promoting diversity are two of BNU’s primary institutional priorities. Together with DigitalOcean, we hope to improve the country’s current entrepreneurial environment by advancing fair opportunities and sparking significant social change. stated BNU’s Executive Director of Student Affairs and External Relations, Zaeem Yaqoob Khan.