Al Balagh Academy

Al Balagh Academy

My journey

I have been working on my stress management and counseling project.  Therefore I keep researching different tools, strategies, and websites to find the best possible resources. Until now my work was inspired by mostly Western therapies and tools e.g. self-discipline and mindfulness.

Western psychology has dominated even Islamic societies for a long time and no doubt some of their tools are very helpful and coincide with Islamic teachings. However, I always felt that something is missing.

For instance, I started studying mindfulness in detail. I really enjoyed it and it even helped me relax, especially during the first lockdown. But it seemed incomplete. After a lot of research on Islamic Psychology, I began to critically analyze it and eventually came up with Islamic mindfulness!

With my interest in the field of Islamic Psychology, I discovered Al Balagh Academy

About Al Balagh Academy

Established in 2017, it is a not for profit charity empowering Muslim communities around the globe. It offers a variety of courses tailored to meet the needs of Muslims of the 21st century.

Their aims and objectives:

“With a transformational and ambitious vision to be the Global Islamic knowledge centre, Al Balagh Academy provides universal access to the world’s best Islamic education, collaborating with leading Islamic experts and evolving Islamic institutions.”

Islamic Psychology and Counselling Course Level 1

This course is simply amazing! Renowned and experienced professors from around the globe, the course content, and the online support, all add up to a module that is highly professional and enjoyable. The online lectures are rich in material and provide the most needed food for the soul.

Today we are lost in a world where everything is moving at the speed of light but our inner selves are becoming empty. We talk about empathy, compassion, and kindness but we have no time to practice them. That is because we are not even kind to our own selves!

Most of us are living, especially our children, on artificial and processed food, thus our own body is deprived of natural foods. Our mind is so occupied with social media, television, and other useless content that we can’t find time to exercise, meditate and some times we don’t even have a few minutes to pray.

We are moving away from our natural instincts and thus the mind and body are not at peace. Even if we have all the facilities of the world, we are not happy. Why?

Because there is a void within the soul, the heart is guilty and our mind and body are not being fed the right things. We need to treat them right i.e. a good diet, positive thinking, and an Islamic approach towards life.

Hence I highly recommend this course to give your soul some food for thought! Just go to their Facebook page and attend an introductory webinar before enrolling.