Reflections on the Proverbial Phrase ‘Education for All’

Reflections on the Proverbial Phrase ‘Education for All’

In today’s society, the importance of education has been ignored. Before moving further, we first need to understand the true value of equal educational opportunities.

Education is the dissemination of knowledge, values, and habits, which is not only a matter of studying books but also the study of acquiring knowledge and learning.

The right to education is universal. The state must respect, protect, and realize this right. Failure to fulfill this obligation will violate the Right to Education, perpetuating inequality, and depriving citizens of their fundamental rights.

As long as when there are no equal educational opportunities for all, the question of whether education is a right or a privilege will arise.

On the one hand, some people believe that the national education system can empower us and affect anti-racism and liberation.

Pakistan government has recently introduced Single National Curriculum (SNC) Under the slogan Eik Qaum, Eik Nisaab

These reforms are those who are in schools but what about those estimated 22.8 million children aged 5-16 not attending school.

Pakistan has the world’s second-highest number of out-of-school children -UNICEF
Schools are an essential breeding medium that, On the one hand, enables a person to socialize, while on the other hand, it exacerbates the social inequality between boys and girls.
At the same time, the education system can promote class inequalities, social division, and fragmentation instead of social solidarity and cohesion.

Basic education is not a privilege but the right of everyone. Good education, even formal education, is a right that cannot be deprived of.

Human rights experts, UN officials, and policymakers emphasize that education is a human right and essential for social and personal growth.
Without education, it would be impossible to complete social activities knowledgeably.
In today’s society, if you want to live a good life and want the right living conditions, you must educate yourself.

Thinking in education is a significant component that can expand the learning process. The ability to think is given to every one by God and can be expanded by educating yourself.
Therefore, use your natural knowledge to make education the right choice. Education is not a luxury, but a right, so it should not legislate as a privilege.

Education is a right because it is social liberty, which indicates that everyone should get an education, despite gender, nationality, or anything else, without being deprived of any reason.

Today, nearly 60% of people are uneducated in Pakistan, and 84 million adults are out of school. However, a big majority is still out of school and this literacy rate is stagnant for the past few years.
Education is an inviolable right because it is essential to fulfilling an original obligation that cannot be deferred or transferred.

We deserve to have education as a human right instead of a selective privilege. Raising our living conditions and giving us a path to primary education can build a better world where everyone could avail equal opportunities.