Do you have a morning routine?

Do you have a morning routine?

It is very crucial to start your day well so that the entire day goes well. Now if your day begins like this:

Alarm clock snoozing again and again, you wake up late, grumpy and tired, you are rushing through your shower, getting dressed up and your breakfast… your entire day will be quite a tough one.

I once went to my dentist and was quite comfortable with this particular one as he was a very punctual doctor. But that day was not the ideal one! The doctor was running late on his appointments because the first appointment was late as the patient created a lot of fuss due to fear and anxiety. The result: before the anesthesia could numb my gums, the dentist started the procedure to make up for the lost time. Thus it was a terrible experience for me! That day and till now I haven’t visited him again!

So my point is, start a bit early and keep some time for unforeseen situations. For example, keep things ready at night for the next morning such as clothes, bag, shoes, anything that can be precooked for breakfast. Make all important calls for arrangements.

My morning routine

Covid and the lockdown gave me time to think, meditate, reflect and change a lot of things. For example, in terms of my daily prayers, I had started leaving Nafl in my prayers due to lack of time. By now Alhumdulillah I even offer extra Nafl in the morning whenever I miss Fajr.

My morning routine that keeps me going throughout the day:

1- Fajr prayer and if missed I do Nafl at 8:00 am

2- After Fajr I sleep for a while

3- When I wake up I do my yoga stretching

4- Feet against the wall for 10 minutes while I go through my mobile notifications

Feet against the wall benefits

This is a deeply relaxing pose that calms the nervous system, which in turn, helps lower stress and anxiety.

It helps to increase circulation and elevates the venous drainage, relieving tension or fatigue from the legs, feet and even the hips. Inverting the legs or feet has long been known as an effective therapy to help reduce swelling and pain in lower extremities. This pose can be a great way to relieve swollen ankles and feet (edema) caused by pregnancy, travel, long periods of standing or sitting, etc.

It stretches the hamstrings and lower back, relieving tension in the back. Further, it helps improve digestion and sleep. It helps to promote balance throughout the systems of the entire body.

Additionally, it is claimed that the Legs Up the Wall posture can be beneficial for people suffering from metabolic syndrome, restless leg syndrome, venous disease (varicose vein), fibromyalgia such as chronic pain, hot flashes, etc. More you can read here.

5- I read the Quran daily for 10 minutes, thus I finish my Sipara in 6 days

6- Daily tasbeeh: 500 times Astaghfar, 100 times first Kalima, 100 time Durood Shareef

I have been following this routine for quite some time now. During the lockdown I added things and more Azkar after I lost my father.

Life teaches you a lot of things as you mature. Keep the good stuff and let go of pain, grief and hate. Remember everyone has a tough life in their own way. Comparing yourself with others in terms of privileges will only make you miserable. But if you realize how blessed you are, you will stay happy!

So stay positive, add some energy boosting activities to your mornings and make preparations ahead of time in order to avoid delays and crisis situations.