Build your Child’s Immunity (mental and physical) for the upcoming Winter Season

Build your Child’s Immunity (mental and physical) for the upcoming Winter Season

So are you ready for school, exams, assignments, and the tough winters? Hot chocolate, coffee, and homemade carrot cake come to my mind when I think of the beautiful wintertime! What are your favorite energy-boosting snacks?

It’s a tough life for our young ones.  The weather is changing, institutes are opening up with so many SOPs and apprehensions about the future.  All this is creating stress for their mental and physical health.

We are trying our best to provide some useful tips and resources in our capacity. We understand how difficult it is for students today to concentrate on their education. The uncertainty in the atmosphere regarding their daily routine, how schools will conduct tests and exams, how will they be promoted to the next class, and so on, is making them nervous.

Children today are stressed. They are fussier about food preferences and more demanding. Covid-19 has left many depressed. Some are just fearful while some have even lost loved ones.

Physical Health

We thought we would share a few good resources to renew your diet. With the pandemic leaving us worried about our immunity and how we will survive the cold weather awaiting us; we would like to share this great website with all the necessary information to enhance your confidence and  immunity:

The blog is from Jim. He is a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Sports Nutritionist with 40 years of experience in bodybuilding and fitness. He has numerous articles to his credit in magazines like Ironman and Physique. You can find his winning article for the year 2009 on

Mental Health

Here is another great resource.  We published it when schools were to open in June but they did not. It’s still very helpful in handling your child’s mental health in a positive manner:

Word of Advice for Parents

Keep a check on the following:

  • Your child’s weight and height
  • Mood swings, irritable attitude,
  • Is he/she fighting with siblings most of the times just to get your attention
  • Too much worrying about the future

You should talk to your child as much as you can. Give him the reassurance that things will go back to normal but with time and patience. Let him know that you are always available for his inquisitive questions.

As a parent, I am highly concerned about my children. It’s not easy for parents to send their children to school while hearing so many negative things on TV and the internet. But I would suggest: put your trust in Allah, feed your children healthy food, provide them a positive environment and you will be able to cope with the current situation. You need to put up a brave face to make your kids strong.