CAIE Grading Updates 2020

CAIE Grading Updates 2020

Exams around the globe have come to a halt. It has left students in a lot of stress about how their final grades will be awarded. The year 2020 has brought a lot of new questions about the grading system.

Students who were working very hard for grades and scholarships are left worried. Parents are also anxious about the future direction of education.

So to help you cope with these challenges, we aim to provide you with accurate and up to date information about the latest developments.

The CAIE 4 Step Process to Grade Students

The CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education) have announced a 4-step process using evidence given by school and evidence at its disposal:

  1. Teachers have been given the authority to provide a predicted grade on the basis of judgment and evidence. This evidence is further based on a student’s performance in classwork, homework, assignments, and mock exams.
  2. For each syllabus, the teacher will then rank students within each grade.
  3. The predicted grade and rank order provided by the teachers will be examined by the Head of the center and sent to CAIE.
  4. Finally, CAIE will conduct a standardized process where it will combine data from the center with the data provided to CAIE as evidence.

Hence a valid and fair means of providing grades is being ensured. The deputy country director for CAIE in Pakistan, Shahid Ashraf is quite happy with this process and considers this an effective approach.

Thus we wish all the students the very best and look forward to a bright future ahead. It has been a tough year for everyone…be it students, teachers, parents, schools. So give yourself a break. Your students/children are still young and are learning how to handle studies while facing a massive crisis. Give them breathing space to make mistakes and learn from them.


Even if your child does not meet your expectations, don’t hold him responsible for it. He is going through a lot just like you and needs your support and not your negative attitude!