Preparatory School Islamabad (PSI)

Preparatory School Islamabad (PSI)

About PSI:

Preparatory School Islamabad (PSI) is a privately owned, co-educational English medium school. It began as an elementary and primary school and upgraded its classes up to O’Levels in 2000. Today there are more than 600 children studying in PSI. It offers quality education and therefore the strength of students in a classroom is low to ensure individual attention.

Unique features:

The school offers midday snacks which are carefully designed keeping in mind the nutritional needs of the students. Books, exercise books, stationery, and art supplies are provided by the school for Grades Pre-Nursery to Grade 8. Textbooks are the property of the school, hence they have to be returned at the end of the term. This inculcates a sense of responsibility amongst students as they are held accountable for any damage caused to the textbooks.
The school is very keen on book reading. A well-stocked library is available on the school premises.

Personal Experience:

The Principal, Mrs.Shabnam Ashraf, is a well-known name in the field of education. She has vast experience in running schools in Islamabad. She was my principal in Beaconhouse. Her charismatic and strong personality has always impressed me. She is a humble person and really touches people’s heart with her warmth and compassion. As an educationist, I have seen her work very hard to bring any institute she worked for, to its highest standard. When she set up PSI, I visited the campus.

I still remember how passionate she was about her project. The way she pays attention to detail is highly commendable. For instance, she carefully designed school furniture. The classroom chairs and tables had rubber feet so that when children pull or pushchairs and tables it does not produce noise.
The school is a benchmark for many others in the country. I met my Principal, who is also my inspiration, after a long time. I realized that Mrs. Ashraf’s values and educational ambitions are still of very high quality. PSI no doubt remains one of the best educational institutes in Pakistan.