How to protect your Child on the Internet

How to protect your Child on the Internet

We live in a time where the internet has taken over our lives and children are no exception. They have access to the internet anywhere and at any time. Keeping children safe is crucial if you want to raise morally and socially responsible children.

The internet is an open environment where the user can simply view anything, communicate with anyone around the globe and thus can be attacked by any threat or evil.

You might have toddlers who are simply viewing harmless content like nursery rhymes or teenagers who know their limits and what they are watching. However, as a parent, you need to track their activities.

With older kids, talking to and warning them from time to time is very important. You must remind them of their social, ethical and religious values. Many parents are unable to monitor their children’s activities online. Either they are too busy or they trust their children.

In both cases, make it a point to discuss these issues with them. Definitely you cannot check each and every activity and you cannot follow them everywhere. But you must stress the importance of honesty and their responsibility towards their own actions.


Some tips to protect your children from the negative impact of the internet:

The following website is a must-visit:

It provides excellent advice on protecting your kids in this modern age. Mobiles, iPads, iPods, smart TVs and desktops are not in parents’ control anymore. Every child has a device of his own from a very young age. But all these devices come with safety control. They provide numerous features to keep track of your child’s activities or blocking inappropriate sites.


But most importantly…..

Instill good values in your child. Talk to them and keep talking! No matter how many controls you use, at the end of the day, you need to raise a responsible human being who knows the difference between right and wrong.

Finally, parents need to set a good example. If a parent is glued to his smartphone at the dinner table, how does he expect his kids to avoid their devices? Set aside some time to discuss how their day went. Very casually ask them what they viewed online or what shows they watched during the day.


The internet is great. It provides access to information at the click of a few buttons, enables you to connect with friends and family across the globe but it has its downside also. We need to be responsible in using it and teach the same to our children also.