Preparing your kid for A grades will not prepare him for the real world

Preparing your kid for A grades will not prepare him for the real world

Why do we expect so much from life? Why do we expect a 100% result when we have not given 100% in terms of effort? Why do we want our children to come first, second, third and nothing less than that?
It has become such a trend to have all “A” stars and A’s in your O Levels and A Levels that anything less than that is not acceptable. Why? Is it not more important than our children have gained knowledge, isn’t it more crucial that they understand what really matters in life? Why are our children always in a rat race?

What’s the point of these A grades if your child cannot be compassionate towards others or he is unable to cope with a crisis?

We need to prepare our children for the real world where there are so many people in pain and distress. Look at Kashmir. Children once going to schools and colleges are now living a miserable life. There is so much sorrow and difficulties for these people and all we care about is our children’s grades.

Lifelong lessons

Teach your kids to be grateful and to be compassionate and helpful towards others. If your child becomes the CEO of a multinational company and is not able to offer help to someone in need, then you have failed as a parent. From a young age show them how fortunate he is to be blessed with so many blessings from Allah and to be thankful for them. Once you teach him gratitude, teach him to give to others. Giving to others should give him satisfaction and a sense of achievement.

Good grades will follow because he will be a happy and content child and will be able to study with greater confidence. Don’t let your child lose his innocence in the race of grades. Once he is in a higher grade and you see him struggling, be there to support him. If you can coach him, that’s the best thing you can do for your child i.e. be his tutor. If you can’t help him, talk to his teachers, get him a tutor and keep track of his progress. If he is still not performing well, talk to him. Is something bothering him, is there a problem in the class or has he simply lost interest and/or confidence in the subject? Don’t assume things like he’s too lazy, he is not capable enough.

Prepare him for the real world

At the intermediate level, parents please let your child make his own choices. He knows his interests and abilities better than you. He’s no more a little baby. Do guide him and ask someone he looks up to, to help him make sensible career choices but don’t force your own dreams and passions onto him. And don’t keep too high expectations and neither let your child do that.

Life will have many turns and twists from illnesses to loss of life to loss of wealth…..teach your child to deal with these events. An A grade in biology will not prepare him for such changes in life. Make him a sensitive person who can feel other people’s pain but at the same time make him strong enough to face problems. He should know how to keep calm in a difficult situation, realize that is a test from Allah and it will eventually come to an end. Your child should be trained to focus on solutions and not the problem.