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ADHD children often find it difficult to concentrate for a longer period. This attribute often makes their parents anxious.

Adult students finishing their postgraduate degree programs or studying for qualifying licensure or professional certification/recertification exams during the pandemic.

If you are new to job searching or you are tired of looking for a better opportunity, don’t worry. We will help you with a few tips and resources...

Before looking outside into the world for peace and happiness, one needs to look inward. Only when we feel happy with ourselves, we can look at the world positively.

Stress and anxiety remain in the air, especially in the second half of 2020 like the normal allergies that haunt us all year round.

With the pandemic making its mark in our lives for quite some time now, once again people are becoming anxious and stressed.

Microsoft Teams, a service that combines the capabilities of predominantly text-based services - with video and audio conferencing services.

Google Meet is a videoconferencing service by Google. Initially included in the G-Suite service for businesses and educational institutions.

The Zoom application is a worldwide success, for uses that go beyond those for which it was designed: meetings and professional remote interviews.

Matriculation and Intermediate examinations did not take place this year due to the pandemic. Students of grades 9 to 12 are going to be promoted.