CM promises 125,000 new positions in the police and education departments.

CM promises 125,000 new positions in the police and education departments.

The chief minister asserted that his government had provided a people-friendly budget, with over Rs1 trillion set aside for development projects and Rs10 billion designated for new initiatives in Karachi, during a post-budget press conference at the Sindh Assembly Auditorium.

He emphasised that Sindh has a larger development budget than other provinces. He revealed that there will be a substantial increase in employment prospects with the creation of 75,000 jobs in the school department and 50,000 in the police. He also emphasised the biggest pay increase for provincial workers.

Claiming to be outside the coalition of the PML-N administration, the CM reaffirmed Sindh’s support for the federal government and emphasised the necessity of a fresh National Finance Commission (NFC) award every five years. He implored the federal government to view the development initiatives in Sindh as essential to the advancement of Pakistan as a whole.

Sindh’s entire budget is Rs3.56 trillion, which is more than it was the year before. According to his breakdown, development receives Rs493.092 billion for the provincial ADP, Rs55 billion for the district ADP, Rs334 billion for the Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP), and Rs76.971 billion for the federal ADP, or 31% of the total budget.

The Sindh government has committed significant amounts to development, despite the caretaker administration’s decision to freeze projects, which has hampered progress. Murad clarified that salaries account for 70% of the current revenue expenditures, which total about Rs1,900 billion. This includes 38% for current salaries, 14% for pensions, and the remaining amount for grants from local governments. Only twenty-one percent of expenses are non-salary.

A total of Rs2,590 billion is anticipated to be received by the province from the federal government, Rs1,900 billion from provincial taxes, Rs619 billion from non-tax revenue, and Rs27 billion from capital receipts. Projects involving foreign help will close the financial shortfall.

While the chief minister praised Chairman Bilawal Bhutto’s efforts on behalf of flood victims, he pointed out that last year the federal government failed to provide its portion of the Rs 100 billion allotted for flood relief.

The prime minister has promised to distribute the Rs 30 billion that the federal government has set aside for flood assistance this year, during the first half of 2024–25.

In terms of the actual distribution of these money, the CM was optimistic but cautious.

The federal government has committed Rs25 billion to the K-IV project, which intends to provide Karachi with water from Keenjhar Lake, while the Sindh government has committed Rs180 billion. But the project still needs the ECNEC’s clearance, which should come in a week.

The chief minister emphasised the accomplishments that the Sindh administration has made in enhancing law and order as well as their dedication to going forward. He mentioned the hike in pay for government workers, noting that a proposal to raise the basic salary to Rs37,000 had been made. With Rs 61 billion set aside for this purpose, the Excise and Taxation Department hopes to collect Rs 204 billion in revenue the next year. Additionally, measures are in progress to fortify the Board of Revenue.

The chief minister claims that the budget of the Sindh government shows a dedication to job creation, development, and rehabilitation with the goal of addressing the difficulties faced by the province and promoting advancement.