Fully Funded Scholarships for Pakistani Students 2022

Fully Funded Scholarships for Pakistani Students 2022

Pakistani students have few opportunities when it comes to studying abroad. There are multiple reasons because of which students cannot make it to the higher universities in other countries. The main reason amongst them all is the financial crisis that many students in Pakistan have to face even if they are studying in universities of Pakistan. Fortunately, there are fully funded scholarships for international students in different countries in which Pakistan qualifies as well. Following are the fully funded scholarships for Pakistani students offered across the world for 2022:

European Commission Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

It is a unique opportunity for all the Pakistani students aspiring to study in the universities of Europe. European Commission offers this scholarship, and it is offered to only post-graduate students. Following are the salient features of this scholarship:

A monthly stipend will be paid to the students depending upon the region it can range from €1000 to €1200 per month.

The tuition fee of the particular university will be completely free under this program.

Another unique feature of this scholarship is that it is going to cover all the traveling allowances including international airfare tickets.

One of the highlighting features of this scholarship is that no international students will have to fill up a bond for a restriction to returning to their home country. It will be completely up to the students to make this personal choice.

Job visas will be provided to the students enrolling in master’s or higher degree.


– All the education is completed so far from the government-recognized educational institutes.

– IELTS with 6.5 bands or higher will be accepted for this scholarship.

– Scholarship Essay.

Last Date of Application

March 31, 2022

Ampère Excellence Scholarships for International Students

Europe is giving out educational opportunities all around the world and this scholarship program is for the students enrolling in the Master’s degree in ENS de Lyon. It is situated in France which is a unique cultural experience for international students. Pakistani students are also eligible for the program if they fulfill the requirements for this fully funded scholarships for Pakistani students. Ampère Excellence Scholarships cover tuition fees, as well as they, provide €1000 per month for 1 year. This can be replicated in the next year as well if the applicant clears the first year.


– The candidate should not be older than 26 years old.

– They have completed their graduation from a government recognized university

– They have obtained a certificate that shows that they have completed 180 European credit hours.

– The candidate must have completed the first year of Master’s education if they are enrolling for the second year in the university.

Last Date of Application

16 January 2022

Uppsala University Global Scholarships

Sweden is amongst the top countries for Pakistani students because it has to offer significant scholarships in higher education. Moreover, Swedish universities are considered one of the best around the world. Uppsala University is one such example that not only offers a great educational experience but also offers global scholarships for international students. This fully funded scholarships for Pakistani students is going to cover all the tuition fees of the student while they are studying at Uppsala University.


– The candidate must be a non-EU citizen.

– You must have a credible educational background with interests in Co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

In this global scholarship offered by Uppsala University, candidates can only enroll in a Master’s education. They must have completed their bachelor’s degree from a government-recognized organization.

Last Date of Application

18 January – 1 February 2022

Oxford Pershing Square Graduate Scholarships

It is a unique opportunity for Pakistani students because they usually aspired to study in the United Kingdom. This scholarship is only for business graduates who are aspiring to study for a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) degree. Oxford University is considered to be one of the best universities when it comes to higher education. £15,609 will be paid to the students for their personal expenses and living expenses. Moreover, the tuition fee will be covered under this fully funded scholarships for Pakistani students.


– Applicants are required to fill the online application form and submit their scholarship essays as well.

– They must enroll for a 1+1 MBA degree at Oxford University.

– The candidates must have recognized an English language test certificate before applying for this program.

Last Date of Application

12 January 2022

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