Surah Rahman – A Reflection

Surah Rahman – A Reflection

I have been reading Surah Rahman since I was around 15 years. I always associated it with the blessings of Allah such as trees, plants, fruits, dates and pomegranates and much more.

Only when I started reading about the surah in detail I found out some of the most important blessings of Allah. The surah starts with, “He taught the Quran, He created man, He taught him speech.” Subhan Allah! What blessings can be greater than these amazing blessings of Allah?

Imagine, if Allah had not given us the ability to understand the Quran, we would have been totally lost.

I read the translation and commentary of Surah Rahman on I want to share these beautiful words from the site:

“The blessed Verses are saying that the Most Gracious Allah taught the Holy Qur’an. Thus, the first and the most significant Blessing is mentioned as teaching the Holy Qur’an. What an appealing and significant expression. If we reflect correctly, the Glorious Qur’an is the source of all Divine Blessings and the means to attain to any Blessing and benefiting from all material and spiritual Blessings.”

Surah al-Rahman, Chapter 55, Verses 1 – 32 | An Enlightening Commentary into the Light of the Holy Qur’an vol. 17 |

I highly recommend the site and reading the entire commentary. It describes the blessings of Allah in a beautiful manner along with scientific reasoning. Thus, it touches the heart while making sense of each and every blessing of Allah from a scientific point of view.

Word of advice for parents

We must understand Allah’s book ourselves and teach the same to our children. Kids today are very intelligent and need to know the true meaning of Islam. Since they are bombarded with all sorts of information due to the internet, it is more important for us to ensure that their minds are occupied with Allah’s words. I know it’s difficult as gaming and social media are more popular amongst our children but if we put in a little effort we can help them understand the Quran for a better life in this world and the next one.