Why libraries have vanished

Why libraries have vanished


Technology has made our life easier, complicated, simpler and busy all at the same time. As adults, we are preoccupied in our mobiles, laptops, and ipads but the sad part is that our kids are loosing their childhood at a very fast pace due to these devices.

No more are they physically active, playing outdoor and even indoor games are limited to desktops and tablets. Fortnite has taken over cricket and football amongst boys while girls are using more snap chat than their textbooks.

One major drawback is the abandoning of libraries. It is so sad to see children sit in their chairs and sofas glued to TV screens and computer screens while bookshelves are lying empty and books are either in the store or given away as charity or simply thrown in the trash.

As a parent and an educationist

It hurts to see this situation getting worse. Even little ones are more attuned to their parents’ mobiles than books and play.

I recently found this wonderful place that I would like to share with all of you. Founded by the National Book Foundation, a Kitab Ghar, Kitab Café and a Library in F-7, Islamabad, a great initiative. that you must visit with your family.

The library is free while you can become a member at a very reasonably low fee. There are computer labs, books for all ages and even a section for special children. Now, these are the places that need to be visited on a regular basis so that it instills the habit of reading amongst our children.

Tips to attract your children

There are a few tips to attract your children to this place if you find them devastated over leaving their devices behind:

  • Bribe them with stationary at the book shop near the library
  • Treat them at the Kitab Café for reading books at the library
  • For toddlers who are glued to their mother’s mobile phones: My phone was more with my 3-year-old than with me. My phone crashed and I was without a phone for 3 days and without wifi for a week. My daughter completely got off the mobile. I know it will be very hard for you to shut down your mobile for a day or two, let alone shutting down the wifi will be the hardest thing! But believe me, it will do you good!
  • Try to avoid using wifi and all these devices in front of your children and read books yourself and read to your little ones daily.

Hence as a parent, you have to make an effort to bring your children back to book reading! You cannot be taking selfies, going through Instagram and facebook and expect your child to enjoy reading a classic novel or an adventurous storybook!

What do you think?

Do you make any special effort to encourage your children to stay off devices and indulge themselves in book reading? Do share your tips with us.