Preparing for admission?

Preparing for admission?

When a student is moving out of school, he/she is already going through a big change while the fear of giving the admission test is an added stress. Parents and students start worrying and often lose confidence before even trying! Don’t freak out and research in detail before applying.

  • First of all, research online to find out about colleges, their test samples, test dates etc. Talk to family members and friends who have given these tests in the past five years.
  • Start practicing as soon as possible and as much as possible. Make a timetable and follow it. The more you practice, the more you will gain confidence. You can find some great help on the following sites:
  • Focus on core subjects. For example, if you are applying for F.Sc, then focus on science subjects.
  • Practice past papers of entry tests.
  • Stop using a calculator so that you can calculate simpler questions in your mind or manually on paper since calculators are not allowed in most entry tests.
  • Avoid distractions like TV, mobile, etc while you are studying. Eat well and sleep well to remain healthy.

Don’t negative stories affect you? Remain positive and keep hoping for the best. But definitely keep a margin for mishaps e.g. illness, emergency, etc. Try to complete your revision well before time in case any unforeseen situation leaves you with little or no time to complete your revision.

If you do not get admission to your choice of college, don’t lose hope. Always apply to more than one college and keep all the positive aspects of each college in mind. Not getting admission in your desired college does not mean that you are not capable enough. If you studied well and gave it your best shot, then you are not to blame. Competition is tough and so many people are applying today that it has become quite difficult to get admission in top colleges of Pakistan.

Keep your options open. If you cannot get admission into F.Sc don’t think that it’s the end of the world. There are so many other fields and professions that you can opt for. If you cannot go for pure sciences look into fields like Physiotherapy and Psychology. There is so much scope for these two professions today as everyone is physically and mentally stressed and needs expert help.

If you feel a tuition academy can provide you support and expertise, look for the best ones near you. There are numerous academies available today. You can find private tutors online via OLX. In fact, some can even tutor you online at a time that suits your schedule.

So relax and do your homework by searching for available options. But don’t relax too much! Keep dates and deadlines in mind. Save it on your mobile or calendar. Ask your parents or elder brother/sister to test you when you are ready. After all, you are leaving school and moving to college. You need to be more responsible now and make your decisions yourself. All the best!