Educating Special Children

Educating Special Children

Childhood is a time that one remembers as a wonderful part of their lives. It is full of joy, memorable moments and special events that leave a mark on our lives. Unfortunately that is not the case for everyone. Some children suffer from certain mental and/or physical disabilities that do not allow them to live like normal children. On the positive side there are many schools and facilities available to help these children lead an almost normal life. Parents go through a major trauma when they realize their child suffers from a disability. Some parents take it as a test of life while others become disheartened. If you go through the list below you will find there are many people and institutes working hard to give such parents a helping hand.

#### List of Schools for Disabled and Handicapped Children

There are many schools for the disabled and handicapped in
* [Abbotabad](
* [Bahawalpur](
* [Charsaddah](
* [D.G Khan](
* [D.I Khan](
* [Dadu](
* [Faisalabad](
* [Gilgit](
* [Gujranwala](
* [Gujrat](
* [Hyderabad](
* [Islamabad](
* [Jhang](
* [Jhelum](
* [Karachi](
* [Khuzdar](
* [Kohat](
* [Lahore](
* [Larkana](
* [Mardan](
* [Mirpurkhas](
* [Multan](
* [Nawabshah](
* [Okara](
* [Peshawar](
* [Quetta](
* [Rahim Yar Khan](
* [Rawalpindi](
* [Sahiwal](
* [Sargodha](
* [Sheikhupura](
* [Sialkot](
* [Sibbi](
* [Swat](

#### An Appeal to the Government
The government is making efforts to serve these children but unfortunately these efforts are not enough to help the poor and needy. Also many uneducated parents and/or parents with strong cultural beliefs, hesitate to send their children to such schools. I suggest that the government should promote such schools through media after ensuring that these schools are providing adequate facilities and a safe environment for children. The government should provide funds to people who wish to help the society and want to make a contribution but lack the resources to do so.



#### Parents and Teachers Need to Work in Close Collaboration

Parents need to work closely with teachers to remain informed and to help their children at home. Teachers and school staff should provide moral support to parents in order to build their confidence and motivate them to work hard for their child’s progress.
#### Online Educational Sources
There are many online resources that are available to help parents teach children with learning disabilities at home free of cost:

* [IXL Worldwide](
* [FunBrain](
* [AAA Math](
* [Storyline Online](
* [Into the Book!](
* [Starfall](
* [The Exploratorium](
* [Do2Learn](
* [Reading Rockets](
* [Adapted Mind](