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Stress Management Course

Whether it’s the coronavirus, dengue, a protest, terrorism attack, our kids are dealing with a lot! I mean we never knew most of these words (definitely not corona and dengue!) until we were in college. We had a simpler life and more things to enjoy because they were not so easily available.

Today children are overwhelmed with things, food, information and this is making them depressed. They have everything and yet they are not happy because they are not struggling or trying and getting what they want without much effort. In such a case, things loose their value very quickly. I remember being so excited to go to UK for my summer vacations when I was young because I could get McDonald’s food there. Imported toys were not easily available here. Today the dollar shop has made my life miserable as a mother. Everyday my 3-year old wants something!

Fathers are busy earning for us. They either don’t have time or the energy even if they get home on time to play or even communicate with their children. Children and parents are busy with their devices. Greeting parents is an empty hello as the kid is engrossed in his ipad or the father is busy on his iphone.

Divorce rates are on the rise resulting in single parents. It becomes quite difficult for the single parent to handle the child.

So please, let’s change this environment. The current situation will make our kids more depressed as the pressure of studies, dangers and risks in the environment and lack of parental support, will all result in mentally ill adults in the future!

I request schools and parents to help me bring a change in the lives of our children through my Stress Management workshops especially designed for students! The earlier we diagnose such issues, the easier it will be to prevent it from turning into serious mental illnesses.